Eco-friendly everyday clothing

These days more and more people are opting for environmentally friendly made clothing. This trend has also crossed over into the athletic wear world as well.

eco friendly clothing by born to run apparelThe question is why are more and more people are turning to eco friendly clothing? More people are concerned about the environment. People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and the impact their actions have on keeping our environment healthy and thriving for generations to come. In addition to that, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about products, how they are made and what effects different chemicals have on the body. What is environmentally friendly clothing? For the most part, eco friendly clothing is made of natural fabric materials that are non-toxic and less polluting in their production, use and disposal. At Born to Run apparel, we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly company.

Clothing/athletic wear can be classified as eco friendly in other ways. For example, eco clothing made from recycled fabric or recycled plastic help to divert fabric and plastic waste away from the landfills and incinerators, by giving them another use.

At Born to Run apparel all of our tee-shirts are made of ringspun cotton and . Our line of athletic wear is light, and highly breathable. This is great for people that tend to sweat a lot when they work out. Our collection of flowy tanks, tees and slouchy shirts have a high thread count which makes them ultra comfy.

Some designers or distributors of eco friendly clothes also take the additional effort to ensure that the fabric materials are produced through sustainable farming methods, and the production process do not involve the exploitative of labor, especially in the poorer countries.

We are Born to Run Apparel designs are one of a kind prints made by our team of in house artists. We use original silk-screen printing for our designs. This group of artists is on the cutting edge of fashion. They pride themselves in their designs being highly versatile. You can wear Born to Run Apparel while working out and while you hit the streets. Our tops are crewneck, have modern elongated armholes and thin straps. They are comfortable, yet curve hugging and an ultra-sleek look. You will want to purchase one of these shirts as a part of your wardrobe essentials.

Last but not least, there are other benefits of eco friendly clothing besides being more environmentally friendly. One of the second greatest benefits of eco friendly clothing is that they are healthier for you and me.

Conventional garments are often contaminated with chemical dyes and garment finishes (e.g. finishes to make your clothing wrinkle-free, anti-bacterial etc.), or even synthetic pesticides left over from the agriculture processes. For example, many conventional dyes and fixatives contain heavy metals and dioxins that are found to be carcinogenic.

These harmful chemicals on our conventional clothing come into ready and prolonged contact with our skin, and can cause us skin irritations and even allergies. Some of these chemicals might even diffuse through our skin into our body, especially when the chemical particles are small enough, when our sweat pores are open during sweating, or if the protective ability of our skin has been reduced substantially. The toxins that enter our body might then bio-accumulate and can cause harm to our health in the long run.

Besides being healthier for our skin, eco friendly clothing is also comfortable to wear. They have been around for centuries and used by our ancestors, before the invention of harmful synthetic chemicals like toxic dyes, pesticides and fertilizers, etc.





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