Wardrobe essentials you should have in your closet

unisex-t-shirt-heather-gray-runner-profileTrends in clothing tend to come and go, but the good news is that certain pieces remain constant staples for every woman. Here are the top casual wear pieces ladies should have in their closet:

A black blazer-Black is a color that looks great on everyone. Its slimming, and a great way to tie a look together. If you get one, be sure to take it to a tailor and have it altered. A blazer is a super versatile piece, it looks great with jeans and a tee-shirt. Hot look alert-Try pairing jeans, this Born To Run Apparel tee shirt and a black blazer together.

Next consider picking up a patterned scarf. A scarf is highly versatile. There are a ton of ways to wear it. It looks great, feels great and adds a little bit of sass to any tee-shirt you might wear. If you’re looking for a scarf, leopard/animal print scarves are red hot right now. Read More